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Gabbar – Osteofighter!

Dec 06

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Last night, after a fierce fight against cancer, Gabbar ascended to heaven. Most of you know of his Osteosarcoma diagnosis and subsequent amputation of his leg. And he recovered from that like a rockstar!

This morning, after his walk and wolfing down a full meal, Gabbar seemed to be doing alright, though I did feel he was a little low on energy. Then around 11 am, he coughed up some blood. Before I could clean it up, he went into an epileptic seizure, the first one he’s got, to my knowledge at least. He came out of the seizure, quite frightened and disoriented. I took him to the doctor.

At the clinic, the doctor felt that he was doing okay in terms of the seizure and was facing the usual post-seizure symptoms of disorientation. But his reflexes seemed fine. We then X-Rayed his lungs and found that the metastasis was quite severe. Nobody expected it to spread this rapidly. Then after we got home, he was lying down, resting. Still ready to play with a new toy I bought him. Still ready for a treat.

His grandparents got back from out of town and came straight from the airport to see him. He was sleeping in my bedroom. But once he realized that his grandparents were home, he trotted out, chilled with them for a bit, then lay down nearby and went to sleep.

Then the seizures started and there were at least four of them that hit him back to back. We could only watch. He was involuntarily urinating, defecating and vomiting. The doctor now was pretty much certain that the metastasis had spread to his brain as well, which was causing the repeated seizures.

I was on the phone constantly with his doctor who then prescribed a pill to stop the seizures. After administering the pill, the breathing finally normalized. The tension in his muscles eased up. He went into a peaceful sleep. And then the breathing gradually slowed down over the next couple of hours and finally stopped.

The only regret is that Gabbar and his mom couldn’t see each other one last time as she is traveling out of the country on work. We have kept him in cold storage at the Bombay SPCA and will be cremating him tomorrow afternoon as soon as his mom returns to see him one last time.

Gabbar is my hero. He was always a special child. He will always be with me. I know he’s around, I can still feel that tail wagging in a corner. He fought his cancer hard. And even after going through all that, he didn’t want to put US through the excruciating ordeal or having to take the decision to end his life. He went on his own terms. And in the 8 years and 3 months of his life, he has made everyone who has met him a better human being.

Rest in peace my son. My friend. My hero!

(I want to thank each and every one of you who kept him in your prayers, offered me advice, solutions, support. I’m sure Gabbu papa will watch over your kids from heaven.)

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9 comments so far

  1. Deb
    2:50 am - 12-6-2016

    Oh Gabbar. What a warrior you were! Now that you are free from cancer run and play and bark to your hearts content. Hugs to your loved ones.

  2. kazann
    2:57 am - 12-6-2016

    I’m so sad for you, Gabbar’s mama and grandparents. You gave him such a wonderful life obviously filled with much love. Thank you for sharing stories of his life and recovery. He seemed to be doing so well I certainly didn’t expect this. Take good care of each other. I’m sure you’ll always hold special memories of Gabbar in your heart. I will look for a cloud shaped like Gabbu papa watching over us.


  3. midnighter94
    3:09 am - 12-6-2016

    Oh, I’m so sorry! I loved the picture of Gabbar in his wheelchair before he had his surgery .. he looked so very happy! He totally trusted that you were taking care of him. And he was so happy after surgery too, just to be near you. Gabbar knew how very much you loved him, and he trusted you. You gave him a peaceful ending.
    Hugs to you,
    Donna & Murphy

  4. hester
    3:11 am - 12-6-2016

    I am so sorry he couldn’t stay a while longer, but you are right that part of him will always be with you. I know how keenly you will miss that smile made of sunshine greeting you. Rest well with the sweetest dreams, warrior Gabbar.


  5. murphsmom
    3:50 am - 12-6-2016

    I am so very sorry to hear that Gabbar lost his battle. Run free, brave pup! You will have many friends waiting to meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

    Kathi and the Turbotail April Angel…and the Labradork

  6. mysweetted
    3:51 am - 12-6-2016

    I’m so, so sorry to hear that you lost your darling Gabbar. I lost my Sweet Ted 5 days ago and my heart is still very tender – so I (and most of the people here) know what your days have been and will be like in the coming weeks/months. He was truly loved by you and your family and that is the biggest gift you could ever give him. Rest in peace sweet boy.

  7. MyDaisy
    6:45 am - 12-6-2016

    Gabbar is just on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you. Then you and Gabbar can walk into Heaven and be together forever. He’s waiting.

    “Oh, what would Heaven be,
    without my little dogs
    waiting for me?”

  8. traceym
    11:39 pm - 12-6-2016

    What a handsome face. Rest in peace Gabbar.

    I’m sure he is wagging away in the corner, telling you not to worry.

  9. rmmom
    2:34 am - 12-7-2016

    It took me a day before I could reply. It was just such a shock and so very sad to hear Gabbar lost his fight. Gabbar and Fionn had their surgeries very close together and I felt a connection because of that. He truly was a special dog and I thank you for sharing his story. He is running free and 4 legged now with the rest of the rainbow bridge dogs, waiting for you. My most sincere condolences to you and your family Vijay.

    Fionn and Nancy

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